Saturday, September 24, 2011

This summer

So I spent a lot of time this summer procrastinating :) Which means I had a great summer, but will be totally swamped for the next couple of months getting ready for the One of a Kind Show. Every time I finish a show I swear I'm going to be more organized, I don't know why I bother trying to fool myself :P

So I did a couple of shows this summer with my new booth set-up, which is basically a smaller version of my One of a Kind set-up. I think it looked pretty awesome, actually almost too awesome as a LOT of people stopping at my booth had more to say about my trees than my owls, but they do look pretty cool :) Make me really appreciate all the help I've had from my dad, I can't imagine what it would look like without him.. even my past setups were only possible because he made my super light-weight folding tables.

The other exciting new thing is squirrels! I've finally finished the squirrel pattern. As much as I actually hate real live squirrels (I have to have friends retrieve my walls for my shows due to a squirrel) I think the stuffed squirrel is pretty cute. I'll take better pictures soon and get them up on Etsy. They are double sided so each one has two different fabrics on the tail. They take a bit longer to make than the owls so although I have them priced at $60 for now I think they may go up a bit soon, I haven't totally decided yet. And no baby squirrels yet, but I think that'll be a January project.

Anyways, that's all for now.. I want to get to bed, but I'm probably going to go cut some more fabric :)


  1. Welcome back :) Would love to know more about when you are going to be at shows!! Still have to get an owl one of these days....but the squirrels are cute too!

  2. I know I'm terrible at blogging! lol I will be at the One of a Kind show this winter and spring. I'll do a blog about it soon, I think there is a coupon for tickets I can post :)