Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's almost time!

It has been a loooong few weeks and I have one more before I head to T.O. for the One of a Kind. I'm pretty sure my lungs are full of wool and my muscles have begun to atrophy from sitting all day on my sewing machine, but its' all coming together! Every day I'm crossing more and more off my list and it feels really good :P

Here is a coupon to save a few dollars off you tickets, and make sure you come visit me at Booth X-33!

After the show I immediately have to come home and make all my christmas presents and start packing! I'm moving to a new place, a whole house! I'm going to have so much storage I can't wait. I love my place right now, but actually having a living room that is not storage will be so awesome, plus I'll have a yard! I will be able to BBQ!!

So something that keeps me going when I'm super busy are awesome videos like this :) Henry in his Super Henry cape, which he actually wears in just his underwear calling himself Captain Underpants. With his little shadow Jack who copies everything he does. I'll be making him a cape for this year :)

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