Monday, February 21, 2011

The Boys

I thought I would share a couple of projects I did for my nephews. Lately they have been in to dinosaurs so I decided this year for Christmas I would give them some dinosaur/dragon tails. They were a pretty big hit, they love chasing after us and hitting us with them :)

Then for their birthdays, which are only a month apart and right after Christmas, I followed this super easy pattern I found online for a tent. I don't normally follow specific patterns, I find them really boring, but this one was really easy and fast. The hardest part was finding the room to lay a sheet out to cut it.. my apartment is a tad crowded :)

I would have KILLED for a tent like this when I was a kid. I always made the most elaborate tents with poles and blankets and duct tape. They never lasted long as I usually built them really big and right in the way of the washer and dryer. I just always loved having a totally private spot to read and do puzzles (I was a bit nerdy... ok, I still am).

Anyways, I suppose what I hope is that when the boys are old, they'll remember all the cool handmade presents they got from their aunt Hilary :)

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  1. I made a tent for my little boys last summer but the dog owns it now, he always sleeps in it and the boys can't get her out.