Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been a while

I've been super busy and have totally neglected the blog, and I can't promise I'm going to stop, but I will at least try harder!
In the last month I had my best show ever, Fanfayr. I filled my stores in Toronto, and got a few new stores in Ottawa and Montreal! So I at least have an excuse.
This past week I have been making owls. 30 owls to be exact. And they are all heading out the door on Monday..
I'm in a show this Thursday the 30th in Picton aswell, 9am-8pm in the Curling building.. which I'm not quite sure where it is.. but Picton isn't big, so hopefully I can find it.

Anyways, a few pics of what I have been up to...My giant boxes of pillow forms.. I will be storing these in fabric hammocks on my ceiling :P

30 owls...

Working late at night to make more owlets for Fanfayr. I really need to organize my craft room.. and stop making stupid faces in pictures :P