Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have recently had quite a huge response to my alphabet pillows!! I have made it on to the Environmentally Friendly Gift Guide on Etsy, as well as a few treasuries that made the front page.

I was featured on a lovely blog called ohdeedoh, as well as a really funky blog called outsapop.

All of this seems to have happened at once and resulted in over 800 hits on my etsy site in one day! Now fingers crossed for some orders :P


  1. YAY - wishing you much success!!!

  2. That's awesome! Your stuff is beautiful and so unique. Getting people to it is the key so it sounds like you are on your way.

  3. These pieces are so lovely - would you consider incorporating a piece of client provided material into the work? if my wife & I wanted to commission a letter for our daughter, could we send a scrap of an old outfit of hers that you could sew into (or onto) her initial pillow?

  4. Lol, amazing work Hilary.
    I already wrote about it in my blog:

  5. Jonathan,
    That's a fantastic idea! I would definitely be interested in doing that for you.